Xiomara Terrones

January 16, 2015 webteam Mentee Spotlight: South Kern


Xi is a student at South High School in Bakersfield who is being mentored by Yani Valdes. Earlier this year, Xi expressed to Yani an interest in bringing up her grades because she wanted to play softball and simply to get better grades. Together, Xi and Yani looked through each of her classes and devised a plan to focus on two classes at a time, completing any missing assignments. Once completed, she would move on to the others. They set goals and communicated with teachers to review the assignments that needed to be completed each night. In order to see a speedy recovery, Xi focused on two classes per week over the period of four-five weeks. “I was thrilled to see her send me a picture of her B+ math test, a class in which she had a grade total of an F,” said Yani, “Even more warming was hearing her say she felt good and proud of herself.” With instruction and aid in keeping an organized binder, a game plan to tackle her classes, and her own personal determination, Xi has been able to improve her grades in nearly all classes. “I loved seeing her determination and want for something, her drive to achieve her goal,” adds Yani, “Xiomara is a wonderful young lady. It was truly a gift to see her work so hard for something she wanted. Though challenging, she set her mind towards something she hadn’t reached for before.”

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