Antonio Amezcua Threatt

May 12, 2015 webteam Mentee Spotlight: South Kern

Antonio Amezcua Threatt

Antonio is a junior at Mira Monte High School. When he started the school year, he was struggling with most of his classes but has shown tremendous growth in character and in academics in the past few months. He has raised his GPA to a 2.86 this last quarter and passed all of his classes. Since he started being meeting with his mentor Joseph Agundez, he has gotten involved with clubs on campus and is now the Treasurer for the Computer Technology Club. He went on a college-bound field trip to Fresno State and UC Merced in January and was excited to see what other schools were outside the Bakersfield area. He fell in love with Fresno State’s campus and what they had to offer.

When he got back from the trip he wanted to know what he could do to improve his grades and get to college. He worked with Joseph to create an A-G road map and asked about what extra courses he needed to take to catch up. He hopes to take classes over the summer to get back on track and graduate on time. “Whenever there is a chance to volunteer for an event or help out on campus,” says Joseph, “He is always the first one to raise his hand and dive in feet first to take on the challenge.”

His goal is to finish the school year above a 3.0 and enroll in summer school classes so that, by the time he starts his senior year, he will be caught up with the rest of his graduating class and become a future Fresno State Bulldog. “I knew from the first day I met Antonio that there was a drive in him that needed just a little extra push to get started,” adds Joseph, “He has a very funny personality and works well with others. When he is asked to solve a problem, he won’t give up until it’s solved. I’m proud of his commitment and willing to make a change to have a better future.”

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