Alyssa Spikes

March 11, 2016 webteam Mentee Spotlight: Santa Ana

Alyssa Spikes is a senior at Community Learning Center Tech and is being mentored by Joshua Cooper. She has made tremendous progress academically and is in the top 3 percentile of students at her school, despite being the mother of a two year old daughter and working at Party City. Says Alyssa, “I want to graduate, go to college, and be an example to my daughter.”

“[Alyssa] is the sweetest, most well-respected girl that I have mentored personally,” writes Joshua, “She is by far one of the most driven, mature, loving, sweet, competitive, easy-going, generous, thankful, understanding, leader-quality youths that I have ever met. She is destined to have great success because the mindset she has at 17 years old has gotten her off to a great start.” Alyssa is on track to graduate this school year. Another big plus, according to Joshua, “She also loves basketball . . . and the LAKERS!”

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