Evelyn Ruvalcaba

March 11, 2016 webteam Mentee Spotlight: South Kern

Evelyn Ruvalcaba is a sophomore at South High School who has made a tremendous turnaround with attendance. At the beginning of the year, she would come to school once or twice a week. In November, Evelyn and her mentor Ashly Latunde had a serious talk about her life and the changes she wanted to make. Although they had talked many times before, Evelyn had reached a point where she was actually ready for a change. Working with Ashly, Evelyn set goals she wanted to reach during the school year and mapped out the steps to reach them. One of her goals was to come to school more often. First, she started coming to school at least three days a week. Then, she added days until she was attending school regularly Monday-Friday. “I am happy to report,” says Ashly, “That she came to school an entire month without missing a day!”

Evelyn is still making progress. She continues to come to school regularly and is now working to improve her grades.

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Ashly Latunde

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